GAMMA FREQUENCY is a research dance project that highlights new cutting-edge technologies and discoveries in Alzheimer’s disease through a challenging choreographed dance piece by Nicole Cataldo-Davies.

Gamma Frequency is the electrical frequency our brain functions at during higher cognition. In Alzheimer’s neural pathways can become blocked with Data Analiod Peptides (gunk). In new and ground breaking research MIT has recently discovered new ways of re-activating so called janitor cells to clear away the gunk, with potentially life changing discoveries.

The next few months will see an in depth research period, in which medical research, interviews and argumentation will be analysed and a group of dancers will take to the stage working on 3 movements based on facts, knowledge and experience of Alzheimer’s.

Gamma Frequency will follow the story of one sufferer (X) and his care givers, who undergoes various treatments, while struggling with the loss of memory.

Currently the three movements will be developed on the following three themes;

30-100 BPM – X and his higher cognition (simultaneous synchonocity firing)
waking/sleeping memory – flash into history
fiberoptic hippocampus – laboratory technology, treatment and rest
Accompanying the work, There will be audio and sound via live sonic artists and musicians.

N/B Due to the nature of the project, the content is a direct insight into age concerns. Selection of dancers will be based on a mixed racial cast. Both Dancers and Musicians applications for the project will be open to all abilities including those with disabilities.