2021-02-09 (3)

Nicole comes from a background in interdisciplinary arts and social sciences, with a reputation of creative campaign direction that highlights social and ecological issues. Using methodologies and research in performance art/somatic embodiment as ritual, social sculpture and cross-pollinated practice (meditation, yoga, NLP etc), she recognises the arts as key tools for drawing attention to and connecting aesthetics to ethics, cultivating arenas for perspective shifts.  Nicole has exhibited internationally, facilitated workshops and aided organisations and collaborations across Europe that seek to make demands  on policy change.

Her arts practice explores questions involves in the dynamics of ethics and values in community and ecological development as creative practice, and how imagination, play and beauty can be the founding arena for transformation and development.

Her practice has led to particular interests in the philosophical notions outlined by Schiller, Kant, Goethe, Heidegger, Jung, Lievegoed, Wilber and Bachelard.  Nicole’s current research questions the relevance of autonomous agency and communal imagination in reaching across borders to ignite new practices in community building, ecological restoration and cultivating cultures of care. She currently teaches in the Netherlands and offers talks, workshops and consultation for NGO’s and ethical organisations.

For work in traditional mediums click here.