New Dawn Traders NDT, Is a sail cargo shipping company that brings coffee, rum and chocolate from the Caribbean back to Europe using the power of wind, sai, skilled hands and big hearts. Nicole has worked alongside NDT for the last 8 years and saw this project into fruition alongside the Inventors Guild. The concept itself was a bit between two worlds: it had to be a cross between an art sculpture and a food truck. A Unique design was imagined: a square sea container, but then entirely made of wood, that can be transported in a sustainable way by sailing ship, just like the products (rum, coffee, chocolate) that New Dawn Traders 100% with wind energy. The message: showing that sailing is a potent, sustainable way of transporting freight. Small detail: the bar is really built to fit into the hold of the Tres Hombres.

Nicole alongside the inventors built the entire bar from A to Z: the frame was designed and welded custom-made, together with a folding frame which was covered with wooden panels to give the sheet pile look, transforming it into a bar.