The Messenger Pouch

Tucked away on a small holding, just south of Amsterdam where many waters meet, I have been having a clear out of all the old bits of fabric and leather. Today one particular bit of leather caught my eye. Thrown aside during the leather dying process (as the hide was imperfect) and as the dying itself left flecks all over, meant I picked this whole skin up for nothing.

I find it really hard to leave these discarded items – and as I had put Miss Minky down for a nap – I had a little time to finally get my letters out! Yes I still write letters… and outside my window are rose buds I’ve been meaning to send to a herbalist friend of mine. So using some of the blue cow hide I made this messenger pouch.

I simply look for interesting parts of the material and cut a long rectangular shape, often leaving in obscurities. Then sewing two edges and a wrap around a thin piece for closing the pouch – and thats it.

Now to mail the gift!