The Future is a global network of people who are fighting to save the future from global warming. As creative producer Nicole’s task was to work with a efficent team to build and raise awareness in youth. Using media coverage, celebraties and well known role models, simple actions where devised to bring attention to upcoming climate talks and political events.
The mission to seek out and confront the people and organizations that are warping the political system and preventing it from acting to protect our future.
Tate dance

Flash Dance Tate Modern

Taking this as a starting theme my notion was to advocate non-judgemental creative happens, actions and events that took shape in flashdances, freerunning and mediations collectively.

1490842_281710658702335_7422473393012944637_o The symbol that united each event, headed by famous and dedicated activists was a circle drawn around the eye. It means that they where watching the people in power and would hold them to account for the decisions that they make. Because these decisions will determine whether human civilization evolves through technological innovation or collapses.