Change through creative activity – Activating social and cultural artistic collaboration


imageFounded and run by Nicole as part of the Youth in Action Award, sponsored by the European Union and British Council.

The Social Arts Practice Program offers collaborative weekends to engage, inspire and ignite peoples globally to tell their stories of place, race and heritage; Sap also refers to life giving juices found in plants. Weekend workshops bring participants through a journey of storytelling via creative writing, poetry, music, performance, dance, sculpture, photography and video. Sapps’ aim is to produce an archive of personal stories from across the globe through creative arts practice, inspiring a cross-fertilization of ideas and creative practices.

The participatory weekends consist of 2 full days offering exercises, processes and experiments into storytelling through arts practice. Led by a collaborative group of artists, the intimate sessions bring attendees through a series of artistic activity, developing art work relating to the personal, political and environmental. The project aims to engage members of the community from all walks of life, offering a series of free artistic workshops, creating access to artistic learning and expression.

Each creative weekend has a team of artists who having developed their practice as part of their development into socially engaged fields. The structure of each weekend is in accordance to themes outlined By SAPP. The planning of each weekend includes reflections into work brought forward from previous weekends in order to keep a running thread throughout the processes, exercises and experimentation. Planning takes places as part of a separate course for artists wishing to expand their practice into the Social Sculpture arena.

The overarching theme is to create new techniques and methodologies for creative, social and cultural change, whilst contemporaneously archiving and celebrating various experiences of life.


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